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BlackBerry long term goals?!

June 8, 2013 Comments off

Bloggers, analysts, and media need to focus along with BlackBerry’s long term goals and what is being done to achieve them:

Subscriber Growth: Q5 being paramount to this especially in low cost smartphone fight against competition.

Mobile Computing Platform: bes10 is in place, automotive security and management is in place looking for buyers, NOC is more than ready, but what of providers networks and partnership? Who are the protective clients beyond Mercedes that BlackBerry is courting/after?! When is the target revenue from this business supposed to occur (estimated)?! !

Marketing: sure we know of a unified approach, but how will it help in terms of sales of units, business clients computing etc in various languages and countries? Are they any constraints to sales tax or shipments in countries such as the difficulty we see in Brasil? How much spending is going to marketing qtr/qtr yr/yr?! Statistics on effectiveness of marketing!? Will BlackBerry leverage their F1 partnership in marketing their BlackBerry lineup?! Outside of BB LIVE.

We need to see this information and spread it out more, I think consumers are more savvy than in previous decades and pay more attention to these things.

Where is my commercial showing a BB10 device getting information or setting up a map route for a Porche 911, a Bentley Continental, a Jeep, or even an Audi E-Tron charge status?! When will we see companies showing management and updates remotely, securely, and sagely using BlackBerry Automotive Management?! More importantly will this matter, and will this affect brand image BlackBerry can use to affect partnerships, revenue and BlackBerry device sales?!



BlackBerry Live – The BlackBerry 10 Opportunity – An Industry Perspective

May 14, 2013 2 comments

Some more breakout sessions during BlackBerry Live tomorrow … some of this non attendees will not be aware of.

The BlackBerry 10 Opportunity – An Industry Perspective


Kristian Tear, Chief Operating Officer , BlackBerry

Charaka Kithulegoda, CIO , ING DIRECT Canada

Join Charaka Kithulegoda, CIO for ING Direct and Kristian Tear, Chief Operating Officer for BlackBerry® as they discuss how ING Direct is leveraging the power of BlackBerry® 10 to keep their business moving.  From implementation of BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 to manage their current deployment, to planning the deployment of BlackBerry 10 smartphones to their employees, to creating a BlackBerry 10 application for their customers, ING Direct is leading the way with BlackBerry 10.

BlackBerry Live – Women In Tech

May 14, 2013 1 comment

Another session available will be hosted by none other than Alicia Keys.

Women in tech: redefining ambition daily.
2:15PM EST May 14th, 2013.



BlackBerry Live 2013 – BBM Surprise

May 14, 2013 Comments off

Apparently a surprise is due for BBM on BB10 going to be announced tomorrow; that’s the rumor.

We shall see – 8hrs and counting and I cannot sleep!!


Of particular insight is the Breakout Session at BlackBerry Live tomorrow, could this mean that Enterprise will finally have BBM in the Work secured space of BB10?!!

JAM14 – BBM and Social Integration for Enterprise Apps


Nick KalkounisSenior Product Manager, IM & BBM Social , BlackBerry

Maurice WhiteSr. Enterprise Developer , BlackBerry


This session will discuss how enterprise apps can use BBM™ to improve the communications of corporate end users. You’ll also learn how to implement BBM within an enterprise app to provide collaboration and instant communication. We will review BBM core APIs, and sample code and show you how to setup the BBM simulator for development and testing.


Protected: BlackBerry Live 2013 – BBM Surprise

May 14, 2013 Comments off

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Missing Enteprising Minds Video?!

May 7, 2013 2 comments

Developers … there are at least 5 potential BB10 corporate apps to be created and sold shown in this video! We NEED this ASAP please!!

Majority of Corporate WorkForce will use Tablets in 2yrs

November 21, 2012 2 comments

Thorsten Heins made this statement but this is not his prediction its a trend already beginning with the iPad. A Smartphone &/Or a Tablet will be good enough for 50-60% of mobile workers in a corporate enterprise.
Lets look at the facts:
1. Corporations spend huge amounts of dollars on Laptops. These are NOT the best hardware (clearly underpowered video cards), but they have warranty’s and specific features geared to the enterprise.

Dell Latitude E6320/E6420 $1499CAN

Dell U2412M 24″ LCD $369.00CAN

Dell E-Port Replicator with 130-Watt Power Adapter Cord $159.99CAN

Total for 1 user is: $2027.

Lets also look at their mobile device of choice.


iPhone 5:
16GB $179.00CAN on 3yr Contract / $699 Retail.
32GB $279.00CAN on 3yr Contract / $799 Retail.
64GB $379.00CAN on 3yr Contract / $899 Retail.

Now lets consider the typical Canadian provider corporate contract on Rogers Wireless …. $125/mth per person: 250 Daytime Minutes, Unlimited Evenings/Wkeends starting at 6PM, National Local Calling in Canada, Billing per minute (OUCH), and 100 SMS (IN/OUT)

But this is just the hardware. Another measurement for a user in a business is how much does it cost for this user to be productive. This is quite hard to pin down so I cannot even begin to speculate as it varies on job type and expected tasks to be completed per person per day per industry. I good friend & mentor brought this to my awareness (thanks buddy).

Lets focus on the products. Tablets themselves as you know are roughly 50%-75% on the high-end the costs of laptops; Ad a few accessories to make them productive for data entry and you can still beat the retail price (on volume) for a business laptop per user.

Now the REAL savings will come on the choice of hardware a business will standardize on. Considerably if they choose to pay for that hardware OR they adopt the common bring your own device paradigm we’re seeing being supported in the business world, even enticed … however many of these business pay for the retail costs.

Does anyone out there have any idea the costs of operating a mobile phone plan in Canada while roaming internationally … say without a cost-saving international roaming data plan to the tune of 30-75MB on an iPhone?

Take a guess. I’m waiting … nope, nope … that’s getting warmer, close …. try $6000 for Italy & France (1wk each totalling 2wks). WTF you say?!

Screw you provider costs

International Roaming Costs SHOCK!

Think of the applications that use data today … their have full C++/HTML5 data consumption/streaming abilities … this is not your pops’ feature phone nor smartphone here. Android, Windows Phone 7/7.5/8, and iOS iPhone/iPads consume data without regard to WHOM is paying for it. That is you!

Socked at Roaming Costs

Many pundits, or industry analysts laughed at RIM just 8mths ago drumming to the tune about data compression and security of their NOC.

Data compression for our mobile devices is MORE important today than it ever has been! The fater HSPA+ & LTE networks means you as a user consume MORE data at a much faster rate in 50/75% less time then you would just 4-5yrs ago. This means more efficiency is expected of you as a worker.

Let us now consider its cheaper on power consumption over the course of a day and more significantly a year for this office/mobile worker (there is no distinction any longer), to have a tablet, a smartphone, maybe a larger external screen with keyboard and mouse/trackpad in the office or just the Smartphone+Tablet combo when mobile and connect to a powerful server and network to a Citrix Server that can host your work environment, applications, intranet resources like Notes Symphony, MS SharePoint, Bloomberg, Reuters Pro, Excel, Access, etc as if it were a desktop/laptop workstation. The server can handle the computational powered tasks and graphics intensive tasks (to a point) and not the hardware you’re using. Think of you loosing said mobile devices that are managed in the cloud that can be securely wiped and replaced at a much cheaper cost, even if carelessly damaged.

Lastly, consider the costs of using a smartphone & tablet solution using mobile carrier data with VPN because on their own have NO infrastructure to maintain a secure, behind the firewall access to resources. VPN slows the data because it secures each bit, yet this means more data use for less data you’re actually using = less productivity.

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