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QNX Cloud: Potential first client … Ford Sync.

February 23, 2014 Comments off

Hi Everyone, 

In the past several months a LOT has been going on in the smartphone market and especially with BlackBerry. Most recently was the announcement of QNX Cloud, BlackBerry’s culmination of MDM/EMM & M2M business (started in beta mid 2013), and the announcement just last week of “Ford Sync units dump Microsoft in favour for QNX in the future” as reported by (of which I’m a member of as Supa_Fly1; my twitter handle. 

So many members have posted in the comments of their blog entry as …. ‘this is big news’ or ‘this is huge’ … but I started to think it’s just ‘good’ news … there is much more that had me left wondering, wanting, and hoping that BlackBerry is hugely considering with Ford (or any other manufacturer really). So as always I posted on the fly … (and not to insult anyone)

Man you guys think so small, ‘now we need devices to match’. I’m not trying to insult just trying to highlight where all of us need to be in our conversations as a community!


We have bigger thoughts in our aspirations where we want BlackBerry to aspire to, developers take notice of the demand pent up waiting to be available in services, API’s, etc.


We need BB10 to connect with what QNX Cloud can do and connect to our cars – Mapping, sensors, alerts, theft, nearby gas stations, airport or public parking with rates per location, quicker routes, school crossing zones for speed reduction on safety, pedophile watch for those that have kids that walk home, yet have cars so neighbourhood watch is increased for kids in our hoods for those that have cars bit no kids!

Think beyond what is typical, apply technology to help what we fake for granted and could really use effectively!


That’s where I’d like to see our conversations get to. Show developers there is an interest into these practical applications and the need or want to have then developed!! Savvy?! ;

BlackBerry 10, and BlackBerry as a brand and company has been kicked around left, right, and center in the family jewels when they’re down .. most comes from users of other platforms most especially residents in the United States, carriers included (with one only brave enough to be vocal – T-Mobile USA’s CEO). Unfortunately … a lot of the hate kicking done on BlackBerry is due to a LOT of users of the competition not understanding nor knowing what BlackBerry’s expertise and potential is beyond (security of the device). 

Going forward I’m no longer going to use BlackBerry is secure as a simplistic argument … this is no longer a true fact – although how they implement security, how to respect user privacy, that is a factual argument to make, but in another post. 

QNX, and QNX Cloud as a business service offering (maybe consider it a full end-to-end solution: QNX Cloud, QNX implementation, Code, UI Layout, and panel components sourcing), had an incredible potential to create huge revenues for BlackBerry, increase BlackBerry brand name recognition in a positive light and also increase end user awareness and respect … but it all comes to how it is implemented, reported on successes, and hooking up USA domestic clients and international businesses. 

Let’s hope this deal also leads to QNX Cloud being licensed for services and implemented.

now THAT would be HUGE and for BlackBerry to showcase that not just initially but also how much money and how happy the top brass at Ford is with QNX Cloud over time and their plan say in mid to late 2014 to implement this across a lineup of their 2014-2019 fleet …. THAT would be something BlackBerry with QNX could showcase for future deals!


Also it would help the BlackBerry brand gain proper respect in the USA and builds stronger ties to strengthen data partnerships with US carriers!


THIS IS why I complained about Alec may not be the right guy to lead QNX Cloud over the long haul. It’s more than pushing this service … it’s a platform to create STRONGER respect for the entire brand not just with carriers (it helps them pull in a LOT of money!) but also in the consumer eye where developers will really see benefits for … he did ok with BBJam for developers across the world, initially … but over the long haul I disagree (we’re behind in the app race game – I don’t care too much about the race, but quality and necessary apps like financial banking, analytics, mortgage, construction metrics etc SHOULD’VE been ready tested and in App World before BB10 launch last January 30th!).


Now this deal with QNX and Ford has not been made official yet but many reports are stating it is already begun. We shall see, and I’ll be focusing on BB’s QNX Cloud in the future. 


Reuters Eikon – Coming soon to BB10

June 14, 2013 Comments off

Investors, countrymen, BlackBerry loyalists … lol ok you get the humor here.

In all seriousness investors are going to love this news if you haven’t read or heard already. One of the top investment information service company’s Thomson Reuters is bringing Eikon to the BlackBerry 10 platform this summer.

Previously an application solely developed for iOS (iPhone and largely iPad) I’m happy to see the development moving to BB10. This was announced at BlackBerry Live 2013 and it looks like Thomson is wasting no time or development cycles in making this happen. Considering the competing product/service from Bloomberg Markets+ along with the serious nature of bad practices at Bloomberg where Bloomberg News reporters were using proprietary data to snoop on clients, this is a very opportunistic time for Thomson Reuters. And this isn’t just chump change but enough to affect Bloomberg’s 7.9Billion in revenue reported in 2012 going forward.

This is about financial data analysis, reported correctly without insider knowledge from (their clients but from) the service that gathers the information. This is applications, service revenue and partners.

It also looks as if Thomson is almost complete with the application as shown in the following picture below – sourced from site:

In an industry where seconds and milliseconds matter, Thomson Reuters Eikon Mobile ensures you have instant access to the breaking news and financial content you need to seize new opportunities first. No matter where you are when they occur.

Thomson Reuters Eikon BB10

EDIT (MORE TO ADD): BlackBerry Business Blog

Thomson Reuters Eikon is designed to provide a powerful and intuitive next-generation solution for you to consume real-time and historical data, connect with the financial markets community and execute financial markets transactions. In summer 2013 Thomson Reuters Eikon will be delivered on BlackBerry 10 and fully integrated into the core OS features for a smooth user experience. You will be able to set custom alerts for market data and automatically sync news with your desktop. There are plans for a new dashboard for BlackBerry that will make finding the news and quotes you’re looking for easier than ever.

We are truly excited about all of the releases and announcements at BlackBerry Live this week, and continue to work with partners to bring even more applications and functionality to the BlackBerry smartphones. These top-notch partner apps give you, the business user even more tools to stay productive throughout the day, so you can keep business moving while you are.

Thomson Reuters Eikon

Themed BlackBerry BB10 Devices – Open Letter

April 20, 2013 16 comments

Dear Thorsten Heins,

Thank you for your teams hard efforts in transforming BlackBerry and bringing the public BB10, myself as many other millions of users are just loving their BlackBerry Z10 devices.

I grew up in Canada, my heritage is of Jamaican and Cuban decent, however many of the values of both those cultures are true to what it means to be a Canadian citizen. We help our fellow man and woman, we’re ambitious yet not overly greedy and we take pride in our homes, our family, and the people of this country even those that have recently immigrated here. Most importantly we take great pride in our health care system and the safety of the people of Canada.

That said, and you Thorstein being a recent Canadian … I think you’d honor Canadians, and BlackBerry – a Canadian company and its legacy by doing something a little unique in the smart phone industry.

I’d like to propose BlackBerry for making a limited edition run of both the Z10 and also the Q10 (maybe even future devices as well). A limited run of say 5’000 to 10’000 devices made in Red … but in limited regions for the purpose of the (PRODUCT)RED initiative (of course a different sade of red than the LE Developer Z10’s that have been deployed).

Furthermore, I’d like to see BlackBerry made another limited edition device colour yet on a global scale … Pink in order to take part in breast cancer fundraising. They say behind a good man, a powerful man is a strong woman – and I’m sure you’re a family man and that you honor and respect women.

These are just my humble recommendations, but I think it would put BlackBerry into a different light, something acceptable by investors, employees, yourself, and your competitors in a respectful thought.

One of your competitors has only done this with a music player, I believe BlackBerry stands by their products, their users that have chosen BlackBerry by choice and this would go a long way into the hearts of Canadians, BlackBerry’s competition, and even those analysts still skeptic of BlackBerry’s success.

This would create huge buzz if marketed right and if BlackBerry works hard to be transparent on the sales of such devices, making it clear to the public which amount or percentage of proceeds for each individual product would go to the governing body’s for each project.

I’d like to make a quote for which I’ve asked for permission for. Should Ann feel that I should remove it I will immediately regardless of where I am or the time. Please respect her wishes that if I’m to remove the quote and the hot-link to her sight to not copy and paste. Thank you kindly.


Ann is a mother, a woman, a person … I feel it is the civic duty, nah, the personal duty of each and every Canadian, human being, to do what they can to help others in need. Take away our job titles, our respect from our peers, our wealth, our financial success, our homes, our success in our endeavours in life, we only have a few things left: our word, common decency, kindness, dignity, and that we all share the same basic needs in life.

I don’t love being bald.  I have to be bald.  I resent being bald.  It’s not a “new do” or a cool fashion style.  It’s a robbery.

To see me bald,  you may feel like you have to make me feel better about it all. But you don’t. I want you to treat me the way you always do–like amazing, fantastic, supportive, kick-ass friends who know I’m riding this bucking bronco and holding on for dear life and that it may look easy but it’s hard as hell.

Ann’s Diary: About being bald

Rumour – BBM Broadcast All coming to BB10

April 16, 2013 26 comments


The rumour mill is a-buzz with a major BB10 update bringing back the Broadcast All option to BBM. 

In it’s current stated of options in BB10 bringing this feature back lends to possible unwanted notoriety for broadcast messaging. Previously, BBM Broadcast messaging acted very similar to text messaging does today – something I’m NOT looking forward to, amongst many others. For a mobile operating system, and a company that prides itself on security, and protecting its clients (both business and personal alike – akin to how the other mobile device fruit company views end users’ personal data as a security concern) I’m shocked at BBM lagging in certain features. 


BBM Ad sourced roughly 4yrs ago in Toronto on Yonge & Bloor stations – featured in an earlier blog entry long ago.


As the popularity of BBM grew exponentially, along with the security of the BlackBerry device became popular with no site of being able to be hacked, some people decided to wreck havoc on the world renowned BBM messaging causing nothing but annoyances and some concern to uninformed or just unaware of social spamming BlackBerry users, and this was on a global scale.

Image Image


Some seemed harmless, like the above 2, basically mimicking the basic principle of email spam, of which even 10 years ago RIM had spam filters on provider based hosted BIS email accounts. Others became serious, even official like the one below … take note of the spelling mistake “Jim Balsamic” vs Jim Balsillie who was Co-CEO of a globally successful RIM at the time of this BBM message screen capture.


The BBM message in full is listed here …

BBM is shutting down at 12:00.   0clock tonight if you don’t broadcast this you’ll loose your contacts

Sorry guys  Apparently it is true, cause its happened to certain people already, so I’m not taking any chances !!

Message from Jim Balsamic (CEO of RIM Blackberry) we have had an over usage of user names on Blackberry Messenger. We are requesting all users to forward this message to their entire contact list. If you do not forward this message, we will take it as your account is invalid and it will be deleted within the next 48 hours. Please DO NOT ignore this message or blackberry will no longer recognize your pin. If you wish to re-activate your account after it has been deleted, a charge of 25.00 will be added to your monthly bill. We are also aware of the issue involving the pictures updates not showing. We are working diligently at fixing this problem and it will be up and running as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation.

Lastly other spam BBM Broadcast messages where just down right rude, like the one below. Not the kind of message you want filling your screen reading while beside your manager, a CIO, or even a CEO of the company you work for, especially if they’ve never received such BBM spam messages. Spam like this led to a lot of business that employed BlackBerry’s to have BBM blocked by IT Policy. And no I’m not going to paraphrase the message lol


BBM is a very powerful and timely messaging tool that offers more than just text based communication with the ability to share pictures, video, voice notes and even full music tracks. BBM also allows group messaging, separate shared calendar (isolated from your own main calendar), ability to have more than 1 host/manager of a BBM group, all of these features allow for immediate and efficient collaboration between 2 people or an entire team. 

Bringing BBM Broadcast messaging needs to bring with it more conscious controls to the end user, in hopes to reduce or eliminate these types of spam messages.

Suggested BBM Broadcast Controls & Administration: 

  • Ability to turn off receiving Broadcast Messaging.
  • Ability to turn off Broadcast Messaging, yet receive BBM Group Broadcast Messages.
  • Report BBM Spam Messages. 
  • Ability to queue a Broadcast Message for delivery(?)
  • BlackBerry NOC to restrict Broadcast All messaging to 50 users or 5 groups(?)

BlackBerry to administer these reports, maybe a strike policy that will disable such spammers for 24hrs, a week, a month, and possibly indefinitely. Of course working with cellular providers so that their tech support teams can clearly see which user on their networks is blocked, why their blocked, and the messages or reason why their blocked, and providers can legally avoid refunds for the current month towards such spammers since they’ve abused a network service offering affecting the privacy of other users both internally and globally. 

I doubt this form of controls or administration would come but it would bring a peace of mind if BlackBerry would consider this.


Overall I’d love to have the Broadcast All feature come back to BBM, sometimes hitting up your crew to say an impromptu concert or party at the docks, beach or your place at the last minute would be nice to do or receive. BlackBerry … you’ve done great with BBM Voice, BBM Video and BBM ScreenSharing, please continue to make BBM cool again. 

BBM TV Ad - Barber

BBM Its changed the way we do business; circa 2010.

PS: I vote for a new BBM feature, BBM Whiteboard for collaboration (screensharing mixed with bbm video/voice/chat and hand-drawn collaboration of shared documents or a blank whiteboard

BBM Spam sources: (via Google Search results)

NerdBerry Jim Balsamic screenshot.

BlackBerry Support Forums on 06-08-2011 08:25 AM.

CrackBerry Forum Post on 11-24-2009, 09:41 AM


Z10 Browser – Phone numbers are not displayed as hyperlinks

April 12, 2013 37 comments


Sometimes, as a user you may come across something in a mobile smartphone that you just wonder WTF where the internet development team was thinking when they missed something, well, just so obvious to you. 

Unfortunately I’m not a developer, but I have tested a cell phone on an entirely new network months before launch, thoroughly and brought many issues to the providers attention, so I have an affinity to the attention to detail when I actually do test a product. 

However, sometimes features cannot be implemented in a brand new product, built from the ground up entirely new. Considering there must be a team of considerable size internally to BlackBerry that should’ve at least noticed this, brought it to the development or product managers attention maybe it could’ve been implemented in the first two updates that have already come to pass for BB10. 


When viewing a phone number in the BlackBerry® Browser the phone number is not displayed as a hyperlink and is not click-able. The phone number appears as text.


During testing, you mean to tell me that nobody internally in BlackBerry, actually visited a public website to load a contact number? I understand since a alpha/beta device a company does NOT want the public to know their testing new products before an official announcement is made. As such most public sites will be restricted or forbidden from anyone allowed to test to even goto – since developers had restrictions when they initially received their DevAlpha BB10 devices, this would follow suit, yet the browser was fully functional, along with the User Agent String not yet defined until the last 40 days before January 30 launch of the Z10. So … nobody found this issue? 

This article – KB27690 – lists the resolution and workaround as such listed below. 


This is a previously reported issue that is being investigated by our development team. No resolution time frame is currently available.



Manually copy and paste the phone number into the phone application.


BlackBerry, you do know the internet, the web as it is, has many CSS stylesheets, frames and such that would make copy & paste on a smartphone – with a REAL browser (not some mobile crap) – a little less user friendly right? 

BlackBerry … please fix this amongst adding other features to the next major update – please, pretty please? 

BlackBerry 10 HoneyMoon is over …

April 4, 2013 13 comments

If you’re like me and own the Z10, you’re loving the device and have probably gotten used to a few things, yet are craving for others.

Across a few forums many users have stated their gripes and please for issues, perceived bugs or omittances, and requests to get back that loving feeling of features they miss of the older legacy BlackBerry OS. 

Amongst there are … 

Multiple Alarms!

I’m not sure what on earth BlackBerry was thinking but many consumers and business users have/require several alarms on their current smartphone for use throughout the day, week, month. Sure you could utilize the calendar or use a third party app, but this should be a core feature, bar none.


Email 30 days limitation!!

– FOR FRAK’s SAKE … whom is the moron at RIM that decided to choose this limitation for every user (corporate or personal)? This person or team should have a serious public back-smack across the face! Never confine or restrict a user from their access to their data – plain and simple!

I’ve found several troubleshooting documents that irregardless of changes made as guided does not resolve this issue. Nor does remote search either.

1. Listing ExchangeActiveSync users assigned to a specific ActiveSync policy. (cmdlet below)

Get-CASMailbox -Filter {ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy -eq $ActiveSyncPolicyName} |ft Displayname, ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy, Servername

2. KB33742 – “Days to synchronize” is set to “No Limit” but the BlackBerry 10 smartphone syncs only 30 days of information.

Cause: This is currently by design on the BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

Workaround: Attempt a remote search to retrieve older emails.

3. KB33619 – Supported Microsoft ActiveSync Features and Policies for use with BlackBerry 10.

Note: IT administrators can view or configure Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync mailbox policy properties using this Microsoft Support article. 

4. View or Configure Exchange ActiveSync Mailbox Policy Properties

Include past e-mail items – Use this drop-down list to select the date range of e-mail items to synchronize to the mobile phone. The available options include the following: All, One Day, Three Days, One Week, Two Weeks, and One Month. If you have to specify other options, use the Shell to configure this setting.


BB10 Emails Forever – this is a photoshop fake!

Flagged Emails!

The ability to flag emails was unparalleled in previous BBOS, however recent shortcomings are appalling.

Simply flagging an email is not enough for me to be productive. In BB10 I cannot Flag an email and readily find it. A tip from a user, TgeekB, mentioned “Flagged emails go to your Remember folder so they can all be found in one place“. However its jumbled with all other non-categorized Remember App entries and they’re very convoluted. I’m curious why not have a specific on-device folder for “Flagged”. I also cannot set a reminder/alarm for a flagged email within The Hub, instead I have to search for the flagged email in Remember App, then open it and set a Due Date. Some will stay this is just a different way to using an old function in a new platform, yet its VERY unproductive!

Solution – enable “Flagged Properties” in Flow within The Hub (since this is where you see the flagged email anyway), and allow the user to set a reminder here directly. Secondly, have all Flagged Emails be consolidated in a pre-defined Remember App category “Flagged” or “Flagged Emails”. Maybe go two better, have all flagged emails into categories of such yet also by mailbox (i.e. Outlook – Flagged, GMail – Flagged, etc), while also having new hub section to show flagged emails by date, yet this maybe too complex.

There are quite a few other issues, but these seem to really tick off the majority of the BlackBerry faithful on BB10. There is rumor that the next major update, 10.10.xx, may enable these seemingly critical issues so I have my thumbs crossed. 



PS: I’ve seen a few mistakes across the internet regarding this company’s name and also the product. As stated on their home pages internationally its “Copyright © 2013 BlackBerry” which means BlackBerry, like the product has two capital B’s. Let’s get it straight from here on out shall we.

Smartphone Apps – Why have them vs modern browser?

March 25, 2013 66 comments

Apple App Store Debut – iPhone 3G

Nokia Ovi Store for S60 as featured on N97.

Mobile applications … its seems to be THE definitive factor anyone will decide whether to defect from one platform to another or to stay with one platform. We all know it, we’ve all seen it, and certainly those on BlackBerry 10’s Z10 (with the Q10 soon to launch) we’re seeing many users wait until their chosen applications are available. An interesting graph showing the history of mobile application stores (a central repository for mobile apps) up to 2011 is shown here, courtesy of the Shoutem blog (note that its a LARGE jpg graph).

Many of you out there may not have been old enough to have used the previous generations of smartphones, let alone have used a PDA other than an eBook reader or pitiful game platform that was handed down to you when you where under 10 years old from your parents. For those of you that are old enough to have used a PDA for over 12 months, and for those of you that have no idea what a PDA is yet are VERY familiar with modern smartphones and mobile applications I implore you to read on and pontificate what I’m about to write.

We’ve come a long way where such advanced applications for media or communications didn’t exist when browsers where PISS-POOR on smartphones (be it WinCE, Windows Smartphone or Phone Edition, or S60 or UIQ). However the browsers have advanced quite well with HTML5, KHTML core (WebKit), and even Flash support in our BB10/PlayBooks and yet we now cling onto applications for media/communications MORE than EVER?! Yes there are some powerful applications that we’ve never thought was possible to enhance our lives and especially those with physical deficiencies or handicaps that I applaud with aplomb! Those developers deserve something close to the Nobel Prize in my opinion.

However to more common applications that serve as gateways to an internet servcie, is this not backwards?! I’m going to pick out one particular application, one that is missing from both BlackBerry 10 and from Windows Phone 7/8 at this current time of posting.


Netflix … where its best viewed in your home.

I still don’t understand the reason for this “NEEDED” application.
Let me explain:
1. I’m in Canada so the offerings from Netflix is a pure joke! Blockbuster & JumboVideo of old had much more offerings and right now the mom & pop store down the street or next block has more movies than I can shake a stick at with Netflix.

2. Streaming video content (movies, documentaries, or TV shows old/new) doesn’t make sense to me on a smartphone … read on. The reason is I don’t have an unlimited data plan, the big three in Canada (Telus/Bell Mobility, or Rogers), and quite possibly the same big three in the USA (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile) also doesn’t offer unlimited data – those that still have it most likely are on a grandfathered plan, n’est pas? and if you change your smartphone to the Z10 or a new Android or IP5 then most likely that grandfathered plan having unlimited data is now null and void. This means you’ll be relying on WiFi.

Netflix on HSPA/DC-HSPA/LTE can get seriously costly over a data network – so what’s the point if not unlimited & no junk type “fair use” unlimited data which gets throttled down in 6/10GB in a 30 day period. Enjoy that.

3. WiFi … the majority of your WiFi connections are going to be at either A) Home, B) Work or C) Family/Friends/Cottage. If you’re planning to using Netflix in option C, section Friends/Family’s house then its considered quite rude to do so without including them … and if you’re going to include them it’s most likely that they have a PC/Mac/Linux computer, PS3, Xbox or Wii with the Netflix app installed and signed in already connected to the TV/Projector so why would you spend any time queuing up Netflix on your Z10 or other Smartphone, changing settings for WiDirect/DLNA or connect a cable and switch input feed on their TV?

Now the other side is using a Hotel’s wifi connection and if I’m correct a LOT of Hotels charge some serious fees to your hotel room payable by you (under your surname) and its not unlimited. Most ppl streaming Netflix will forget this and rack up a few hours on the bill over a week.

Internet at your local Cafe of choice – Starbucks, Timothy’s, etc will most likely cut off the movie stream after 20/30mins … you’re lucky if you get 60mins.

Netflix, to me in my mind is an app that is best suited to a PS3/Xbox/Wii or iPad where the majority of streaming and use time is done at home over WiFi where the costs to enjoy it and the restrictions are at a null concern. So this leaves me with the rebuttal of why does anyone gripe for Netflix on smartphone, and do they truly really need it, or is it something to gripe about?

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