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BB10 Inconsistencies Need Fixing Before New Devices – Mr Chen

April 10, 2014 Comments off

Hello Mr Chen,

Thus far you’ve done a fantastic job of steering the BlackBerry good-ship in the right direction while fixing it’s wheels and tires. That said this ONLY helps the investors … but you’re forgetting that you and the rest of your team – not just the executives, directors and managers but EVERYONE still have a business to run that focuses on the “End to End Solution”.

That “End to End Solution” is broken in at least 2 areas while one remains operating efficiently and powerfully on all cylinders (BES). The two areas that are hurting are directly related to your sales of hardware and eventually cost of R&D/Deployment/Support Tiers for BES. These areas are the BB10 OS itself and the hardware.

I’ve been using BB10 off and on roughly 90% since launch here in Toronto on February 1st (Telus/Rogers/Bell Mobility where not prepared by the huge volume of demand initially). I know this OS inside and out both as a consumer and as a Jr. BES Administrator so I think there some things many fans, readers, and existing BBOS users are curious about and having a hard time transitioning. No this post is NOT about what is missing in BB10, it’s about what it fails at in delivering what is already there.

BB10 inconsistencies:

Browser. Please STOP touting this as the worlds fastest (desktop/mobile) and most powerful browser – it is NOT! Amongst all the imrpovements made in its rendering and performance it fails in one VERY important aspect should ANYONE consider BB10 an actual mobile platform …. BOOKMARKS!! Bookmarks live and exist SOLELY on the BB10 Browser itself! Sure you can share them via Remember/Evernote, Email, SMS, Twitter, BBM, or WhatsApp or anything else … BUT … it must be done 1 at a time! You CANNOT SYNC to the desktop (not even in BBLink), you cannot sync with IE, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox! Yet all your competitors, including MS Windows Phone platform has this ability to cross sync with at least 1 desktop browser!

BB10 Browser Issues:

– Cannot sync with any desktop browser, if it could with at least one major one we’d be on the right track!

– Cannot delete more than one bookmark at a time.

– No List view of bookmarks on New Tab Page!

– No ability to jump to the bottom of the page!

(yes I’d like to jump to the bottom of pages of blog articles to join into conversation at times)

– Running two browsers at once MUST be of the same or higher OS version; Arrrgh!

Let me show you what happens when you use the internal BB10 browser on any OS version, and mistakenly install (side-load) another BB10 version that is sourced from a lower version … quite funny actually.

IMG_20140218_033544 (1) IMG_20140218_033603 (1)

^ Sure I don’t expect everyone to be side loading the core native BB10 applications but some of us just love to use more than one 😉 (Say run all tabs incognito, while another BB10 browser run unabashed).

UI Home Screen:

Please for god sack make the home screen rotate in landscape!! Get modern will you BlackBerry! Many of us BB10 users are dying to use this on the desktop via Mini-HDMI to HDMI connection to LCD’s with Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard.

Also while you’re at it BlackBerry, make the BB10 in 10.2.x and in 10.3 especially natively accept gestures used by glasss trackpads (think of Apple’s magic trackpad, a thing of futuristic beauty! Until you make one of your own at least not restrict those of us with slim pickings for ability to use gestures in BB10 via bluetooth connected trackpads! For heavens sake!

There is a lot more such as Button placements in BB10 Browser, apps with Close buttons at the very TOP of the screen – makes absolutely no damn sense because almost EVERYONE using a smartphone or even a feature phone holds it from the botton to the middle NOT AT THE TOP!! so their thumbs have to stretch to the top which isn’t great for one hand holding with those of us with girly-man hands (genetics not my fault!)

So BlackBerry … start USING your smartphones internally by ALL staff … day IN and Day OUT! completely with no access to a computer for both personal and work and only THEN will you see the errors of your ways to make this BB10 OS sublime for ALL potential users!


Z10 Browser – Phone numbers are not displayed as hyperlinks

April 12, 2013 37 comments


Sometimes, as a user you may come across something in a mobile smartphone that you just wonder WTF where the internet development team was thinking when they missed something, well, just so obvious to you. 

Unfortunately I’m not a developer, but I have tested a cell phone on an entirely new network months before launch, thoroughly and brought many issues to the providers attention, so I have an affinity to the attention to detail when I actually do test a product. 

However, sometimes features cannot be implemented in a brand new product, built from the ground up entirely new. Considering there must be a team of considerable size internally to BlackBerry that should’ve at least noticed this, brought it to the development or product managers attention maybe it could’ve been implemented in the first two updates that have already come to pass for BB10. 


When viewing a phone number in the BlackBerry® Browser the phone number is not displayed as a hyperlink and is not click-able. The phone number appears as text.


During testing, you mean to tell me that nobody internally in BlackBerry, actually visited a public website to load a contact number? I understand since a alpha/beta device a company does NOT want the public to know their testing new products before an official announcement is made. As such most public sites will be restricted or forbidden from anyone allowed to test to even goto – since developers had restrictions when they initially received their DevAlpha BB10 devices, this would follow suit, yet the browser was fully functional, along with the User Agent String not yet defined until the last 40 days before January 30 launch of the Z10. So … nobody found this issue? 

This article – KB27690 – lists the resolution and workaround as such listed below. 


This is a previously reported issue that is being investigated by our development team. No resolution time frame is currently available.



Manually copy and paste the phone number into the phone application.


BlackBerry, you do know the internet, the web as it is, has many CSS stylesheets, frames and such that would make copy & paste on a smartphone – with a REAL browser (not some mobile crap) – a little less user friendly right? 

BlackBerry … please fix this amongst adding other features to the next major update – please, pretty please? 

BlackBerry 102: The BEST of BlackBerry Browser on BB5

December 18, 2010 1 comment

Many times at work & from friends complain how some html sites just don’t load on the BlackBerry Browser in OS 5.0 devices. Amongst heavy HTML sites is BBC News main page – not the mobile but the full HTML site, sans Flash, still is amongst the hardest to load on RIM’s best BB5 OS device browsers.

After 24hrs of digging several units and testing I found the following settings worked!

Here are the Settings in Browser you NEED to configure to get the most of the BlackBerry Browser in BB5:

  • Default Browser: Internet Browser
  • Default MDS Browser: BlackBerry Browser
  • Default WAP: Do More (or whatever your provider dictated in mandatory browser brandig.
  • Browser Push Enabled.
  • Auto, Allow All,
  • Auto, Deny All,
  • Auto, Allow All,
  • Auto, Allow All,
  • Auto, Allow All,
  • Auto, Allow All,
  • other messages ….
  • Auto, Allow All,
  • Auto, Allow All,
  • Auto, Allow All,
  • Allow wap push applications.
  • TCP/IP APN Settings enabled (although that may vary on your providers settings)
  • TLS Default: Proxy
  • Allow HTTPS Redirections = NO
  • WTLS: Allow Weak
  • Prompt for Server Trust: Yes

That’s all there is to getting the most of your classic browser on BB5 – BES or BIS Activated.

Night everyone.

No More Widgets, please, no more.

December 29, 2009 Comments off

I just read an article from the Financial Post Tech Desk; an interview with Mike Lazaridis.

An interesting Question and part of the answer from Mr. Lazaridis spawned a thought that disturbed me a little. I’ll begin with it here.

FP: It seems that the way that many people are interacting with the mobile web, or the Web through a mobile device, is through applications and it seems to be creating a bit of a walled garden effect. I’m just curious how you see that evolution of the mobile experience. What kind of a role do you think the browser and mobile applications will play in how we access the Web on a mobile device going forward?

ML: That’s a very insightful question. A lot of applications — I’d argue upwards of 70 per cent — are really just re-purposed Websites.

Take note that I cut off more than 1 paragraph from Mr. Lazaridis’ answer because this is where my thoughts began to flood in. In actuality it wasn’t as a debate, but more of a concern.

Take note that I cut off more than 1 paragraph from Mr. Lazaridis’ answer because this is where my thoughts began to flood in. In actuality it wasn’t as a debate, but more of a concern.

It’s becoming more and more evident that the majority of developers are becoming either:

A) Lazy (which I personally feel),
B) in-experienced and not willing to put in the time & effort, or,
C) Spreading themselves thin and trying to maximize on profits by jumping on too many platforms at once and seeing what fills their bank accounts.

Creating web based applications, a combination of HTML, SOAP, XML, and Javascript (essentially widgets), to create a GUI with limited controls for an application that MUST connect to a central cloud server in order for it to be of any use is really a cop-out. Yes I called it a cop-out!!

Widgets, used to cover the whole web-based app theme/trend, are too limited to fully encompass what main apps are meant to do. Some would argue “the cloud” (server) is the supreme source of any app, service or computational power. This for the latter two can be true, but out of the 3 the first two could be the app. To me the widget is an excuse & a gain either at the same time or the left/right hand of the equation ~ Apps vs Widgets which makes THE best interactive experience for the end user.

Widgets allow for Developers to make an interactive experience for the end user quickly, using the most efficient use of their time and allowing for a quicker and wider spread of their work across multiple platforms with little or minor adjustments between them. Widgets ALSO mask the skills of any developer in that it allows a developer with minimal skills of said platform to be able to code a powerful application & experience rich in features and interactive UI.

I know I’m not making any new friends, or maintaining those that previously would have been followers of this humble blog by making these comments. And I know I’ll most likely create MORE enemies or one’s that like me less due to them. But as you can see vs most other blogs, I’m not doing this for the money (although THAT would be a welcome thing at this time in my life), I do it to voice my opinion in full, my perception if you will on what is going on in the mobile computing space that we hold in our hands.

When we, you, me, developers, think of widgets we need to think of two major things. For Widgets to truly work they NEED to have a consistent/persistent connection to the internet ~or~ They need to rely heavily on new data from the internet at very frequent intervals to remain relevant, useful, and remain of interest to the end user. Another thing to consider about widgets, is the not just the lack of power of this interaction but also the lack unlimited data plans across so many countries around the world where many of these smartphones are available. And I don’t mean just available but thriving in sales; Indonesia, Canada, and many others STILL do NOT have unlimited data plans for local data consumption on smartphones of ANY kind!

Wait! could it be the main reason behind the trend of such widgets is lead by company’s whom already have many of your services in the cloud? Ahem, AOL, Google, Yahoo, and even some of Microsoft’s services are in the cloud. Collectively, they all have Email, IM, hosted personal sites, pictures, videos, and many of your data that you submit, share, and consume (free/cost). So … widgets although the majority of them are FREE, the lead to higher consumption of data (which is not free to a few million of us), and to a lackluster experience that needs data to the hosts cloud and possibly more spending by you. Maybe not now, but the trend to spend more on cloud services or be bombarded by ads WILL increase and very quickly.

There are beneficial reasons for Widgets; like them evolving to support HTML5 or JSR271/MIDP3 but until then we really need to wait to see their potential in favor for the end user grow. I’ll leave any current benefit for you the reader to comment on (no spam please), I’d really like to read and rebuttal our opinions.

So Developers, give us powerful apps that don’t consistently NEED to connect to a cloud for us end users to get real use out of using them. If you concentrate on widgets more than localized core coded applications, true applications that take advantage of the core OS API’s, then your Widget is nothing more than … a Browser. This is fine for a Desktop/Laptop/Netbook or sub-notebook, but NOT for an interactive personal communicator/mobile computing platform that we take with use anywhere and fit in our pockets.

Widgets are nothing more than glorified and pitiful web browsers. I’ll be more than happy to concede but show me a Widget, especially on a BlackBerry (my current platform of choice) that offers equal power to an actual native code (J2ME with rimlets) and equal UI that can serve the end user with either minimal data use or no data use.

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