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QNX Cloud: Potential first client … Ford Sync.

February 23, 2014 Comments off

Hi Everyone, 

In the past several months a LOT has been going on in the smartphone market and especially with BlackBerry. Most recently was the announcement of QNX Cloud, BlackBerry’s culmination of MDM/EMM & M2M business (started in beta mid 2013), and the announcement just last week of “Ford Sync units dump Microsoft in favour for QNX in the future” as reported by (of which I’m a member of as Supa_Fly1; my twitter handle. 

So many members have posted in the comments of their blog entry as …. ‘this is big news’ or ‘this is huge’ … but I started to think it’s just ‘good’ news … there is much more that had me left wondering, wanting, and hoping that BlackBerry is hugely considering with Ford (or any other manufacturer really). So as always I posted on the fly … (and not to insult anyone)

Man you guys think so small, ‘now we need devices to match’. I’m not trying to insult just trying to highlight where all of us need to be in our conversations as a community!


We have bigger thoughts in our aspirations where we want BlackBerry to aspire to, developers take notice of the demand pent up waiting to be available in services, API’s, etc.


We need BB10 to connect with what QNX Cloud can do and connect to our cars – Mapping, sensors, alerts, theft, nearby gas stations, airport or public parking with rates per location, quicker routes, school crossing zones for speed reduction on safety, pedophile watch for those that have kids that walk home, yet have cars so neighbourhood watch is increased for kids in our hoods for those that have cars bit no kids!

Think beyond what is typical, apply technology to help what we fake for granted and could really use effectively!


That’s where I’d like to see our conversations get to. Show developers there is an interest into these practical applications and the need or want to have then developed!! Savvy?! ;

BlackBerry 10, and BlackBerry as a brand and company has been kicked around left, right, and center in the family jewels when they’re down .. most comes from users of other platforms most especially residents in the United States, carriers included (with one only brave enough to be vocal – T-Mobile USA’s CEO). Unfortunately … a lot of the hate kicking done on BlackBerry is due to a LOT of users of the competition not understanding nor knowing what BlackBerry’s expertise and potential is beyond (security of the device). 

Going forward I’m no longer going to use BlackBerry is secure as a simplistic argument … this is no longer a true fact – although how they implement security, how to respect user privacy, that is a factual argument to make, but in another post. 

QNX, and QNX Cloud as a business service offering (maybe consider it a full end-to-end solution: QNX Cloud, QNX implementation, Code, UI Layout, and panel components sourcing), had an incredible potential to create huge revenues for BlackBerry, increase BlackBerry brand name recognition in a positive light and also increase end user awareness and respect … but it all comes to how it is implemented, reported on successes, and hooking up USA domestic clients and international businesses. 

Let’s hope this deal also leads to QNX Cloud being licensed for services and implemented.

now THAT would be HUGE and for BlackBerry to showcase that not just initially but also how much money and how happy the top brass at Ford is with QNX Cloud over time and their plan say in mid to late 2014 to implement this across a lineup of their 2014-2019 fleet …. THAT would be something BlackBerry with QNX could showcase for future deals!


Also it would help the BlackBerry brand gain proper respect in the USA and builds stronger ties to strengthen data partnerships with US carriers!


THIS IS why I complained about Alec may not be the right guy to lead QNX Cloud over the long haul. It’s more than pushing this service … it’s a platform to create STRONGER respect for the entire brand not just with carriers (it helps them pull in a LOT of money!) but also in the consumer eye where developers will really see benefits for … he did ok with BBJam for developers across the world, initially … but over the long haul I disagree (we’re behind in the app race game – I don’t care too much about the race, but quality and necessary apps like financial banking, analytics, mortgage, construction metrics etc SHOULD’VE been ready tested and in App World before BB10 launch last January 30th!).


Now this deal with QNX and Ford has not been made official yet but many reports are stating it is already begun. We shall see, and I’ll be focusing on BB’s QNX Cloud in the future. 


RIM Corporate PBX Visual Voicemail.

January 28, 2010 Comments off

Welcome back to SeriousMobile.

Just last week I took another of those efficient, relative, and insightful RIM Market Research survey’s that asks professionals what they are currently working with BlackBerry’s or smartphones along with their current infrastructure, costs, and thoughts on current trends and future directions. Although the BlackBerry Presenter has a specific use, its of hardly any use to consumers. That was the point of it, and this was lost on a few bloggers. Rest assured RIM is looking toward the future.

Some questions within this survey provoked some interesting thoughts to me, and I hope it will for you out there as well.

AT&T BlackBerry Visual Voicemail

AT&T BlackBerry Visual Voicemail

One of the questions revolved around how are professionals using video conferencing in/out of the office and how would they feel about using this on their BlackBerry. This got me thinking Video Calling around the world, although has some decent niche uses, it has not taking off. Over in China, Japan, and Korea video sharing did very well, yet has also tapered off below MMS/SMS use in favor of TV/Movie streaming content/service. Should RIM offer a series of high end BlackBerry’s using a 3.2MP camera for video-conferencing calls (say WVGA resolution) which is tied into BES & Microsoft/IBM Lotus/Novell Groupwise Unified Mobile Communications then it could have some traction – behind the next step.

Another question, something that will come much quicker – and is more tangible than a simple pondering – is Visual Voicemail. Yes I’m fully aware of Visual Voicemail, pioneered by Glenayre ICE, and first major provider released with AT&T on the … yeah that “phone”. Unfortunately I’m on the only major provider that does NOT offer it in North America; Rogers Wireless. RIM, with their corporate expertise is going further than just retrieving your voicemail at random choice, read on dear friends.

AT&T BlackBerry Visual Voicemail 2

AT&T BlackBerry Visual Voicemail 2

Visual Voicemail. Think of using your BlackBerry on existing BES+MDS Communications Servers along with your existing PBX infrastructure – which already works very well, tightly integrated. Now imagine having Visual Voicemail built into the BlackBerry via Service Books that allows retrieval not just over the voice/voice+data 3G networks, but also over WiFi … not too dissimilar to how UMA works. RIM had poised the question(s) of would you want notifications of visual voicemail into your unified “Messages” application, or a separate Home Page Icon/Application?!

I chose to respond that I wished for the option of inside unified Messages, and outside with its own notification. I also fielded a thought to RIM asking to have a separated notification listing of normal provider/personal visual voicemail account access/notifications from the corporate listing along with separate LED/Ringtone behaviors from the norm with some tweaking ability. The reasoning of course was quick identification from us, the end user, receiving and seeing the visual voicemail notifications, and getting access to them efficiently without the need to decipher them inside a unified Messages application that is already doing heavy duty with Emails BIS/BES, calls, FaceBook, BBM, and MMS/SMS if you’ve enabled those. Don’t forget about your roots RIM, efficiency in delivering powerful solutions!!

RIM Corporate Headquarters

Now if RIM could deliver a personal software suite for VoIP online services, or Hardware/Firmware solution for end users – consumers to purchase as an Add-On to say Rogers HomePhone to retrieve a missed call that is left on voicemail and sends out the notification via BIS internet relay … and now you have HUGE retail potential ;!

What if the latter two thoughts & seemingly hinted initiative from RIM’s survey was to go one further and combine visual voicemail with video calling?! After all Glenayre already has this software/provisioning stack available for any 3G provider to work with phones using video calling … a video-mailbox if you will. Unfortunately due to huge initial deliver costs, and marketing expenses I believe that only 1 provider in the world initially implemented this. But for the business traveler just coming off a plane – already giving notice of the delayed arrival in the shared calendar (and attachments sent off by the mailbox delegate to the other attendees), having to catch a limousine taxi and retrieve the visual voicemail, is powerful. Think of yourself, as a business professional in such a scenario – viewing the meeting minutes not just in hard copy via email, but tying specific importance to a visual face! This gives you insight power to read & understand facial recognition and stress or weakness to those within the meeting that is opposed to any of your company’s proposals (even if the words & language is lost from what is conveyed, and intentionally so). You then arrive after the recess, and schedule a more relaxed meeting at say a 3-4 star restaurant with live Jazz/Classical music playing. Now you’re at an advantage!

Just because tools don’t work as originally intended for the mainstream, doesn’t mean their not powerful for the business user.

RIM Corporate Headquarters Shinning

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